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Judith’s passion for developing children’s learning of phonics and phonemic awareness has resulted in wonderfully written and illustrated books that highlight the complexities of our written English. Apart from fostering phonics and phonemic awareness the stories also develop imagination, language and vocabulary in young readers. We were thrilled to have Judith presenting at the 2021 Fish Creek Children’s Literature Festival where she gave both a presentation and workshop that were stimulating and extremely well received by her audience.

Deb Bray, Speech Pathologist
2021 Fish Creek Children’s Literature Festival Organiser

'How to Support Early Literacy with Phonemic Awareness'

Teacher, author and education consultant Judith Barker talks about how library professionals can contribute to students’ early reading and writing success.

Judith Barker

Teacher, Author, Education Consultant

Judith’s desire is to ‘lend a helping hand’ to those involved in the art of teaching reading. Winner of the Speech Pathology Children’s Book of the Year Award in 2019 for the The Oo in Uluru, Judith is well known for her multisensory resources—including printable, decodable mini books designed to engage young readers of all stages and abilities.

Judith Barker's Visual Sounds in Stories aims to support the teaching and learning of phonics and phonemic awareness through a range of multi-sensory activities to enhance literacy in young readers with diverse needs - in a fun, dynamic and meaningful way including, art, music, movement and relaxation.


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The O in the Snow

Written by Judith Barker,
Illustrated by Janie Frith

Inspired by Banjo Paterson’s The Man from Snowy River, this adventure-filled, phoneme-themed story has young readers reliving the chase and the thrill of the brumby’s run to the land of the Ngarigo. Join the stockmen and their muster on a galloping romp through the high country and discover the long vowel O in different words along the way.