Printable, decodable mini-books

Print-fold-colour mini-books come in three levels for all stages of reading. These decodable mini-books provide a multisensory learning experience, through fun, simple and engaging stories. By consolidating the various spelling patterns into groups and with repetition, rhyme and visual cues—children can begin to recognise the long vowels in a meaningful way.  



Sound Out



the long vowel O

Joe and Moe

"Joe and Moe live in Omeo. They grow avocados..."

The Boat

"Come on Moe, eat your toast. It's late you know..."

The Road to Omeo

"Let's go home. It's snowing, Joe! Don't walk so slow..."

the long vowel EE

The Wees

"We are the Wees from the deep blue sea. We swim in threes..."

The Hungry Wees

"The hungry Wees are neat and clean. With long, sharp teeth..."

The Feast

"Have you seen the greedy Wees sitting on a beach, having a feast?"

the long vowel OO

Hello You

"Yoo-hoo! Look at me, and look at you..."

The Who

"Who are you? I'm a Who..."

Horatio and the Who

"Horatio has a Who. What does it do...?"